Our comprehensive training and online guidance program empowers educators to effectively support students through their journey of transformation.

Schools can enrol in the I CAN School Challenge. £250 per school per year for up to 10 teachers to join online training. Upon registration, participants gain access to a wealth of resources including:

  • On-demand online content for self-paced study

  • Monthly live online training labs

  • Access to an online forum for support and guidance on implementing FIDS and submitting stories of change

  • Monthly live Q&A sessions for ongoing support in sustaining stories of change, engaging in BTC participation, and initiating new stories of change.

Our dedicated team will assist you every step of the way, from enrolment to story submissions.

Trained educators can then guide another cohort of students through their own transformative journeys, ensuring sustained progress throughout the academic year.


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  • EDUTOURS 2024

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